What historic events happened in September?


September 4, 1922 

WLAK, Vermont's first radio station, began broadcasting in Bellows Falls. Charles Doe, the announcer, was on the air six hours a day, with weather, farming tips, and piano and gramophone music.

September 8, 1910

Nineteen-year-old George Schmitt of Rutland became the first Vermonter to make an engine-powered airplane flight.

September 9, 1951

The change to dial telephones from those which were hand cranked began in Burlington, Vermont.

Connecting: The Telephone in the Mad River Valley (PDF)

September 15, 1910

Charles Willard flew an airplane for six minutes in St. Johnsbury. The plane was brought by train from Boston to the Caledonia County Fairgrounds.

Read more about Charles Willard's flight over St. Johnsbury in the St. Johnsbury Caledonian from 1910. 

September 21, 1938

A terrible hurricane caused the deaths of five Vermonters and cost more than twelve million dollars in damage.

September 26, 1945

The World War II Victory ship S. S. Brandon, named for the Vermont town, arrives in Boston with a cargo of U.S. soldiers returning from the war in Europe. Victory ships were built quickly during wartime to carry soldiers and supplies.

Homecoming: V-J Day and the G.I.s Return (PDF)

September 30, 1814

Jacob Estey, founder of the world-famous Estey Organ Company of Brattleboro, was born in Hinsdale, New Hampshire.