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History is full of stories. Some stories are long, like how Vermont became a state. Some stories are sad, like how flooding impacted Vermont. Some stories show how Vermont has changed over time. Historians investigate primary sources and ask questions about the past. Explore some of these stories and ask questions to learn more.

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People In Vermont

Did you know people have lived on the land that is now Vermont for over 12,000 years? Some of those people are remarkable. Some of those people are ordinary. Some are born here and others move to the state. All of the people are part of Vermont’s story. Read the stories and think about this question: Who is a Vermonter?

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Discover Vermont

There’s more to explore about Vermont! Check out this section to read articles about history from the Green Mountaineer and Historic Roots magazines. Learn about Vermont state symbols and population numbers. Find links to books about Vermont, places to visit, and online resources. What more can you discover about Vermont history?

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Alexander Twilight

How should Alexander Twilight be remembered?

When Alexander Twilight died in 1857, a newspaper described him as “an efficient teacher, and one long to be remembered.” He is still remembered today. But now he is famous for different reasons than the one listed in his obituary.