March 2, 1839  
Mathematical prodigy Zerah Colburn died at his birthplace in Cabot at the age of thirty-four.  Zerah amazed his family when he was five years old by adding and multiplying long numbers in his head.  Zerah spent ten years touring France and England, exhibiting his remarkable ability.
March 3, 1936
Voters on Town Meeting Day vote against building the Green Mountain Parkway, a highway to connect the peaks of the Green Mountains.
March 4, 1791
Vermont becomes the fourteenth state, the first to join the original thirteen.
March 7, 1935  
Amelia Earhart, who later became the first woman to make a solo flight across the Atlantic Ocean, speaks to the legislature on the future of the airplane.
March 15, 1801
George Perkins Marsh, lawyer, congressman, ambassador, and language scholar, is born in Woodstock.  Marsh observed the destructive washing away of topsoil by rain and guessed correctly that this was due to the cutting down of the state's forests.  Many believe that his book Man and Nature (1864) started the conservation movement in the United States.
March 17, 1878
Redfield Proctor, founder of the largest marble company in the world, became governor of Vermont.

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