August 1, 1961
The state general assembly ended its longest session ever.  It began on January 4 and lasted almost 7 months.
August 3, 1923
At his family home at Plymouth, vice-president Calvin Coolidge was awakened in the night and sworn in as the thirtieth president of the United States, after president Warren G. Harding died.  His father, John Coolidge, a notary public, administered the oath of office.
August 16, 1777
The British forces of John Burgoyne were decisively defeated at the Battle of Bennington by American troops from Vermont and New Hampshire led by John Stark and Seth Warner.
August 23, 1864
Mrs. Abraham Lincoln, her son Tad, and their servant signed in at the Equinox Hotel in Manchester for their second visit.  Their rooms were #27, #50, and #51.  Robert Todd Lincoln, the eldest son in the family, later bought Hildene, a Manchester mansion that is now a museum.
August 23, 1932
The airplane, The Green Mountain Boy, took off from Berlin, Vermont, for Norway and disappeared without a trace.
August 31, 1754
After being taken captive during an Indian raid on Fort No. 4 in New Hampshire, Susanna Johnson gave birth to a baby girl as the raiders passed through Cavendish.  The girl was named Elizabeth "Captive" Johnson.

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