What is the picture on the Vermont state flag?vtflagsm

The Vermont state flag has a blue background with the coat of arms in the center.  This has been the official design of the flag since 1923.  Before then, soldiers in the Civil War used this design for some of their flags.

The coat of arms has many symbols that represent Vermont.  It has mountains and a red cow.  There are trees, including a pine tree in the middle.  Three sheaves of grain stand on a green field.  There is a deer head on top of the shield.  On the bottom are the words of Vermont’s state motto Freedom and Unity.  Along the sides are two pine tree branches.  The coat of arms has some of the same symbols that are on the Vermont state seal.

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Which symbols on the coat of arms can you find in Vermont today?  Should the coat of arms have a black and white cow instead of a red cow?  Should it have hay bales instead of sheaves of grain?  Why or why not?

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