Why was Justin Morgan's horse more famous than he was?justinmorgangravestonesm

Justin Morgan is famous for owning a horse called Figure.  This horse became the father of the breed of Morgan horses.

Justin Morgan was a singing teacher and writing teacher.  He also wrote songs.  He moved to Vermont from Massachusetts with his family.  They settled in Randolph, Vermont.

coosmorgansmIn 1792, he bought a horse named Figure.  He brought the horse to Randolph.  Figure became the father of many other horses.  After three years, Justin Morgan traded the horse for some land.  But Figure‚Äôs children and their children became known as Morgan horses.

Justin Morgan died in 1798.  But his name is still remembered because of his famous horse.

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Justin Morgan did much more than own a horse. Would you rather be famous for something you did or something you owned?

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