Historians look at illustrations from old books or brochures to see what people or places looked like.  Before the invention of photography, artists had to draw, paint or engrave the pictures.  Remember to think about the illustrations because you can't always believe what you see.


This woodcut shows the Green Mountain Boys hanging a Yorker from the Catamount Tavern sign in 1775.  The illustration is from Zadock Thompson's Civil History of Vermont, published in 1842.

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This drawing comes from The Story of Ethan Allen, written by Percy Fitzhugh and illustrated by Nobel Ives in 1906.  The picture shows Ethan Allen as a farmer, even though nobody knows exactly what Ethan Allen looked like.

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A 1939 brochure for "Unspoiled Vermont." The state government published this to attract more tourists to Vermont.  The words on the front say "Only A Step To Unspoiled Vermont - An Uncrowded Scenic Frontier For Healthful Country Life And Fun."  Would this make you want to visit Vermont?


This picture is from the Anti-Slavery Almanac from 1840.  The almanac was a booklet of information about ending slavery in the United States.

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