Developed by:
Victoria Hughes, Vermont History Education Programs Manager
Generously supported by:
Jack & Dorothy Byrne Foundation
Designed by:
PDI Creative Communication
Thanks to the contributions of the Advisory Committee:
Michelle Carter, Camels Hump Middle School
Chris Costello, Thatcher Brook Primary School
Diana Costello, Rumney Memorial School
Tonya Darby, Richmond Elementary School
Maureen Dobart, Proctor Elementary School
Jenny Hewitt, Pomfret Elementary School
Brenda Hunt, Malletts Bay School
Frank Kelley, Chester-Andover Elementary School
Ellen Keogh, Marion Cross Elementary School
Ed Lord, Baird School
Arnell Paquette, Beeman Elementary School
Dena Weiss-Tisman, Westminster West Elementary School
& all other Vermont educators who have suggested resources, offered guidance, and shared their expertise for this project.
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