How did Vermonters heat their homes in the 1800s?

Making Charcoal (PDF 1.4MB)

Vermont's winter weather has led to some new technology.

Small Beginnings: The First Rope Tow in Vermont (PDF 1.3MB)
Wilson Bentley's Obsession (PDF 1.1MB)

Many people think of farming when they think of Vermont.  But quarries and industry are also important to Vermont history.

The Slate Valley (PDF 1.1MB)
Fairbanks Museum & Planetarium (PDF 1.2MB)
Dave Russell: A Life of Work in Precision Valley (PDF 1.4MB)

What was life in Vermont like before cell phones?  Imagine a time when telephones were a new technology!

Connecting: The Telephone in the Mad River Valley (PDF 2.0MB)

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