When European settlers came to Vermont, there were both conflicts and cooperation with the Abenaki who were already here.

Chimney Point: Where Cultures Meet (PDF .9MB)
The Raid on St. Francis (PDF 1.3MB)
Joe and Molly (PDF 1.3MB)

Who are some of the settlers who moved to Vermont in the late 1700s?  And how did they get here?

Ann Story, A Vermont Pioneer (PDF 1.6MB)
Ethan Allen: Vermont Hero
(PDF 1.5MB)
Gamaliel Painter, Middlebury's Town Father
(PDF 1.5MB)
On the Surface (PDF 1.6MB)

Not all of the settlers who came to Vermont stayed.  Read about the Loyalists who didn't stay after the Revolutionary War.

Lost To History (PDF 1.1MB)

Two important US politicians came to visit Vermont when it was a brand new state.  Who were they?

A Visit To Vermont (PDF 1.7MB)

Buildings and memories help tell the story about settlement in Vermont.

The Ethan Allen Homestead (PDF 1.0MB)
An Architectural Detective Story (PDF 1.2MB)
The Woman Who Saved Stories (PDF 1.3MB)

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