What was it like to be a girl in Vermont in the late 1800s?

Diary of a Vermont Schoolgirl (PDF 1.0MB)
Annie Ide's New Birthday (PDF .8MB)

In the 1830s, many Vermont girls and women left the state to work in the mills in Massachusetts.  Here are some of their stories.

Mill Fever (PDF .7MB)
Letters from Lowell: A Factory Girl Writes Home (PDF 1.1MB)
The Factory Girl's Song (PDF .7MB)
Bells, Boardinghouses, and Backwater: A Millhand's Glossary (PDF 1.0MB)
The Lowell Offering: Showing the World What Factory Girls Could Do (PDF.5MB)
Factory Girl Word Find (PDF .7M)

In the late 1700s, Lucy Prince spoke in court, something very unusual for that time.

Lucy Terry Prince: Forgotten Heroine (PDF 1.5MB)

One Vermont woman was very important in collecting and saving the stories of Vermont history.

Abby Hemenway's Thirty-Year Legacy (PDF 1.3MB)

Another Vermont woman, Hetty Green, was famous for being frugal.  She didn't want to spend her money, even though she had a lot of it!

The Witch of Wall Street (PDF 1.2MB)

And Emily Proctor helped purchase library books in foreign languages for immigrants who worked at the Vermont Marble Company.

How Father Mouse Came to Vermont - And Other Stories (PDF 1.3MB)

Many women went to work during World War II because the men were off to war.

What Did You Do in the War, Grandmother? (PDF .9MB)

Have some women's history fun!

Women's History Word Find (PDF .7MB)