Weather has played an important role in Vermont history.  Sometimes the weather is too wet:

Rain, Rain and Still More Rain (PDF 1.6MB)

Sometimes the weather is too dry:

The Day the Pond Ran Away (PDF 1.0MB)

And sometimes the weather is too cold:

The Year Without a Summer (PDF .9MB)
"If I'm not back in an hour, call the neighbors" (PDF .6MB)
Ask a Paleoclimatologist (PDF .8MB)
A Friend To Vermonters in the Famine Year (PDF .5MB)
1816 Wordsearch (PDF .8MB)

Of course, Vermonters have found ways to make the most of the cold weather.

Winter's Icy Jewels (PDF 1.0MB)
Larkin's Snow Angel (PDF 1.6MB)
Did You Know? (PDF .9MB)
Not a New Sport (PDF .2MB)
What It Meant to Shoot the Chute (PDF 1.1MB)
The Winter Ice Harvest (PDF .6MB)

Vermonters have tried many ways to predict the weather, even if they weren't able to control it.

The Subject Everyone's Talking About (PDF .5MB)
Wet Weather Ahead (PDF .3MB)
If the Thanksgiving Mud Holds Up a Duck... (PDF .5MB)

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