Many Vermonters have served during wars, both in the state and far away.
Revolutionary War

The Legendary Ethan Allen (PDF 1.9MB)
Songs of Rebels and Redcoats (PDF .4MB)

Civil War

Secret Road to Freedom (PDF 1.1MB)
An Artist Goes to War (PDF 1.0MB)
History Hidden in the Paper World of Ephemera - Civil War (PDF .5MB)
Civil War Word Find (PDF .6MB)

Spanish-American War

Vermont Welcomes Her Hero Home: Dewey Day in Montpelier, 1899 (PDF 1.0MB)

World War II

The Vermont Home Front: Mobilizing for War (PDF 2.2MB)
Blackouts, Bond Drives and D-Day: A Vermont Home-Front Glossary (PDF 1.1MB)
Whistle While You Work: Songs and Rhymes for Victory (PDF .4MB)
History Hidden in the Paper World of Ephemera - World War II (PDF .6MB)
Was Your Town a World War II Boom Town? (PDF .6MB)
Doing Their Duty (PDF .7MB)
What Did You Do in the War, Grandmother? (PDF .9MB)
Another Kind of Courage (PDF .9MB)
Homecoming: V-J Day and the G.I.s Return (PDF .7MB)
A Vermont World War II Home Front Map (PDF .3MB)

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