What did Vermonters do when they got sick in the 1800s?

When Doctors Made House Calls (PDF 1.4MB)
Good for What Ails You (PDF .6MB)
Medical Search (PDF .7MB)

Vermonters have made lots of inventions.  Sometimes it was  to make work easier.  Other times, it was to explore the world around them.  Read about these inventions to learn more.

Yankee Ingenuity in the Green Mountains (PDF 1.0MB)
Winter's Icy Jewels (PDF 1.0MB)

Did you know that some Vermont towns didn't have electricity until the 1960s?

And Then There Was Light - Electric Light (PDF 1.2MB)

What's the tallest building in your town?

A Skyscraper in the Green Mountains? (PDF 1.6MB)
Green Mountain Skyscraper Wordsearch (PDF .6MB)

Sometimes it's easy to forget about the technology around us.

More Than Something To Write On (PDF .8MB)
Was Your Town a Mill Town? (PDF .7MB)

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