Many people came to Vermont in the 1700s and started farms on their land.  Here are stories of two important Vermonters:

Lucy Terry Prince: Forgotten Heroine (PDF 1.5MB)
The Legendary Ethan Allen (PDF 1.9MB)
Ethan Allen Wordsearch (PDF .5MB)

How did Vermont become the 14th state?  And what important decisions did Vermonters have to make?

First Blow for Freedom (PDF 1.4MB)
The Great Vermont Statehood Debate (PDF 1.0MB)
Making a Mint in Vermont (PDF .8MB)
Tything Men, Hog-Reaves, and Fence Viewers (PDF .5MB)
Playing the Odds (PDF 1.3MB)

How did Vermont settlers use the natural resources and the land?

A Garden from our Forefathers (PDF 1.4MB)
From Potash to Ready Cash: Vermont's First Cash Crop (PDF 1.7MB)
The Black Snake Affair and the Price of Statehood (PDF 1.7MB)
The Day the Pond Ran Away (PDF 1.0MB)

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