How has Vermont's geography affected its history?

Faces of the Land (PDF 1.4MB)
Where To Draw the Line: The Great Connecticut River Border Dispute (PDF 1.3MB)
The Day the Pond Ran Away (PDF 1.0MB)

Can Vermonters use and preserve the land at the same time?

Protecting Vermont's Air, Land and Water (PDF .8MB)
Footpath in the Wilderness (PDF 1.0MB)
A Forest Army Goes To Work (PDF 1.3MB)

Did you know that James Wilson made globes in Vermont in the early 1800s?

The World at Your Elbow  James Wilson of Vermont: America's First Globe Maker (PDF .8M )

Explore more of Vermont!  Time for some geography fun.

A Suggestion for Summertime Adventuring: Vermont's 251 Club (PDF .5MB)
County Scramble (PDF .2MB)
Mixed-up Mountains (PDF .4MB)
Place Names Puzzle (PDF 1.1 MB)
Geographic Search (PDF .8MB)

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