Farms have always been important in Vermont history.  Read the journal of Porter Perrin to learn what it was like to live on a Vermont farm in 1874.

Diary of a Vermont Farmboy (PDF 1.1MB)

Vermonters used the land to grow food for their families. 

Lives Tied To the Land: Vermont Workers, Vermont Resources (PDF .4MB)
Take a Bite out of Vermont's Past (PDF .7MB)
A Garden from our Forefathers (PDF 1.4MB)
It's Sugaring Time (PDF 1.1MB)
Milking (PDF .4MB)

Farmers also sold products from their farms to make money or to trade at the general store.

Farmer's Gold (PDF 1.0MB)
The Grist Mill (PDF .6MB)
Noggins, Firkins, Piggins, and Kegs, Salt Pork, Peppermints, Gun Shot and Eggs (PDF 1.5MB)

Don't forget about the animals!

A Chicken Is a Kid's Best Friend? (PDF 1.6MB)
History Hidden in the Paper World of Ephemera - Animal Power (PDF .4MB)

Have you ever wondered how farmers built the huge barns that are still standing on Vermont farms today?

Barn Raisings (PDF 1.0MB)

Sometimes the weather made it difficult for farmers to grow their crops.

The Year without a Summer (PDF .9MB)

Here are some farm activities to try at home or school:

Butter: How To Make Your Own (PDF .5MB)
An Old-Time Thirst Quencher (PDF .3MB)
Down on the Farm (PDF .7MB)