Vermont history is full of interesting people.  How many of these famous Vermonters have you heard about?  Click on a title to learn more!

The Legendary Ethan Allen (PDF 1.9MB)
Ethan Allen Wordsearch (PDF .5MB)
Lucy Terry Prince: Forgotten Heroine (PDF 1.5MB)
The World at your Elbow  James Wilson of Vermont: America's First Globe Maker  (PDF .8MB)
Abby Hemenway's Thirty-Year Legacy (PDF 1.3MB)
Larkin's Snow Angel (PDF 1.6MB)
The Witch of Wall Street - Hetty Green (PDF 1.2MB)
Winter's Icy Jewels - Snowflake Bentley (PDF 1.0MB)
Vermont Welcomes Her Hero Home: Dewey Day in Montpelier, 1899   (PDF 1.0MB)
From Vermont Farm to the White House - Calvin Coolidge (PDF 1.2MB)
Visit Calvin Coolidge's Boyhood Home (PDF .5MB)
Vermont's Very Own Monster - Champ (PDF 1.0MB)

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