Do you have a job?  In the 1830s and 1840s, many girls left Vermont to work in factories.  Read their stories.  Would you want to work in a mill?

Mill Fever (PDF .7MB)
Letters from Lowell: A Factory Girl Writes Home (PDF 1.1MB)
The Factory Girl's Song (PDF .8MB)
Bells, Boardinghouses, and Backwater: A Millhand's Glossary (PDF 1.0MB)
The Lowell Offering: Showing the World What Factory Girls Could Do (PDF .5MB)
Factory Girl Word Find (PDF .7MB)

In the early 1900s, some boys and girls worked long hours to make money for their families.  What did Vermonters do to help these children?

The Bitter Cry of the Children (PDF 2.4MB)

Have you read the book Bread & Roses, Too?  It's about children of factory workers who were on strike in Massachusetts.  Here's an article about the real story:

Thirty-Five Children Are Coming (PDF .9MB)

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