The Grist Mill (PDF .6MB)
The Legendary Ethan Allen (PDF 1.9MB)
Ethan Allen Wordsearch (PDF .5MB)
First Blow for Freedom (PDF 1.4MB)
Songs of Rebels and Redcoats (PDF .4MB)


All the News That's Fit to Print (PDF 1.0MB)
More Than Something To Write On (PDF .8MB)
Making a Mint in Vermont (PDF .8MB)
A Garden from Our Forefathers (PDF 1.4MB)


The Great Vermont Statehood Debate (PDF 1.0MB)
Counting Heads in 1791: The United States Census in Vermont (PDF 1.4MB)
From Potash To Ready Cash: Vermont's First Cash Crop (PDF 1.7MB)
Lucy Terry Prince: Forgotten Heroine (PDF 1.5MB)
Yankee Ingenuity in the Green Mountains (PDF 1.0MB)
Was Your Town a Mill Town? (PDF .7MB)


Tything Men, Hog-Reaves, and Fence Viewers (PDF .5MB)
Playing the Odds (PDF 1.3MB)
Mom, There's a Legislator in Our Kitchen (PDF 1.4MB)
Vermont Government Finds a Home (PDF .7MB)
The Black Snake Affair and the Price of Statehood (PDF 1.7MB)


The World at Your Elbow: James Wilson of Vermont: America's First Globe Maker (PDF .8MB)
Good for What Ails You (PDF .6MB)
The Day the Pond Ran Away (PDF 1.0MB)
The Year Without a Summer (PDF .9MB)
"If I am not back in an hour, call the neighbors" (PDF .6MB)
Ask a Paleoclimatologist (PDF .8MB)
A Friend To Vermonters in the Famine Year (PDF .5MB)
1816 Wordsearch (PDF .8MB)
Schoolgirl Engraver (PDF .5MB)
A Story in Stone (PDF 1.1MB)

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