The Vermont Home Front: Mobilizing for War (PDF 2.2MB)
Blackouts, Bond Drives and D-Day: A Vermont Home-Front Glossary (PDF 1.1MB)
Whistle While You Work: Songs and Rhymes for Victory (PDF .4MB)
History Hidden in the Paper World of Ephemera - World War II (PDF .6MB)
Was Your Town a World War II Boom Town? (PDF .6MB)
Doing Their Duty (PDF .7MB)
What Did You Do in the War, Grandmother? (PDF.9MB)
Another Kind of Courage (PDF .9MB)
Homecoming: V-J Day and the G.I.s Return (PDF .7MB)
A Vermont World War II Home Front Map (PDF .3MB)


Protecting Vermont's Air, Land and Water (PDF .8MB)


A Time To Be Heard (PDF 1.2MB)
Your State House: A Guide To the Legislative Process (PDF  1.0MB)
A Suggestion for Summertime Adventuring: Vermont's 251 Club (PDF .5MB)
The Hermit Thrush: Vermont's State Bird (PDF .7MB)
What To See at the State House (PDF.6MB)

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