Be a Stone Carver (PDF .4MB)
Charles Parker's New Manual Alphabets (PDF .6MB)
Charting the Future and the Past: A Perpetual Calendar (PDF 1.6MB)
Detectives Wanted (PDF .6MB)
Don't Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth (PDF .7MB)
Experimenting the Edison Way (PDF .5MB)
Moving Pictures at your Finger Tips (PDF .6MB)
Riddles in Morse Code (PDF .5MB)

Crossword Puzzles

Family History Scrabble (PDF .9MB)
Mixed-up Mountains (PDF .4MB)
Place Names Puzzle (PDF 1.1MB)
A Vermont History Crossword Puzzle (PDF .9MB)

Word Searches

Civil War Wordfind (PDF .6MB)
County Scramble (PDF .3MB)
Down on the Farm (PDF .7MB)
Ethan Allen Wordsearch (PDF .5MB)
Green Mountain Skyscraper Wordsearch (PDF .6MB)
Political Wordfind (PDF .5MB)
Women's History Word Find (PDF .7MB)

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